Elevatorsan®, a registered trademark of the SRD Machine Agriculture Ind. Trd. Ltd. Com. , manufactures multi-purpose machinery and equipment for processing and improving pulping machines, transport and storage systems, especially in the Food, Industry and Feed industries.


Mainly elevator, conveyor and seed pulses processing and remediation machines are active in the manufacturing sector.


It designs, manufactures and installs all the machines used in the sector and the special design machines according to their needs


Has proved its success with the facilities that our company has established in all of Turkey's provinces, especially America, which has been trusted by many Arab and Asian countries with installations. All kinds of requests to satisfy the customers with the effective sales and service network have met and welcomed completely.


Areas of Activity;

1) Seed Processing and Improvement Machines

2) Nut Processing and Cleaning Machines

3) Pulse Processing and Improvement Machines

4) Mechanical Conveyors

5) Vertical and Horizontal Z Elevators

6) Tempered Elevators

7) Vertical Chased Elevators

8) PVC Bands, Modular Bands and Sieves

9) Spiral, Mixer, Silo and Carrying Tapes

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