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Single Weigh Bagging Machine 25/50 Kg

Packing Machine is used for automatic and precise filling of 2 kg to 50 kg ready bags or sacks. The sacks are put manually to the machine as standard. Automatic feeding system can be done according to the requirement. The main task of the machine is to reduce the work power by making precise and accurate filling of the ready packs. It is manufactured in special capacities according to required dimensions and products to be packed. 

Inclined Z Type Bucket Elevators

It is a machine needed for vertical or horizontal transportation of all agricultural products especially in the food industry with Seed Pulses and Nuts. It is also used for all powder and granular products in some  Industries. It is especially used for the transportation of highly fragile cereal varieties. Any abrasion or damage that may occur during transportation is minimized. It is manufactured in special capacities according to the size of the place and the product to be transported. It has fixed and mobile models. 

Pendulum Z Type Bucket Elevator

Pendulum elevator has a configuration and working principle that does not harm the product it carries, has a high capacity and can adapt very easily to every area. It features multi-product picking and multi-point product casting and long-lasting low energy costs. It is suitable for any kind of automation systems.

Modular Belt Conveyor

It enables rapid conveying of packed and unpacked products such as parcels, packets, sacks etc. in a short time. It can be used as fixed height or adjustable units. Speed regulation can be added according to the need. Band selection is made according to the type of product being transported. In general, types such as PVC, polyurethane, wire band types can be selected.