One of the most important ways to be successful in our industry is to invest our human resource which is the most important value that our business possesses and to use this resource in the most efficient way.


Human resources management is the most valuable asset of an enterprise, that is, all the activities that are carried out in order to manage its employees effectively.


The aim of human resources management is; To increase the contribution of employees to the business to the highest level, to ensure integration with the business and to increase their satisfaction.


In case our company manages its human resources management effectively:


- Decrease in the number of personnel, which is termed the labor circulation,
- Decrease in absenteeism
- Decrease in losses caused by job accidents
- Increase of product / service quality
- Reduced defective production
- Achieving the optimum level of operation and increasing efficiency
- Maximum benefit from investments made
- Reduced costs
- Contribution to the image of the business positively
- Increasing motivation in business environment
- Employees who have a sense of belonging and are happy. Benefits are among the benefits.


In this respect, human resources have created a cycle within all units and are key to our company.


Elevatorsan® Seed Pulses Processing and Improvement Machines, Transport and Storage systems, with a research-oriented and innovative identity; Intense, humanistic people who can create a culture that respects the environment and people, is sensitive to differences, encourages employees and their development.

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