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Single Deck Grading Machine

This machine enables the user to separate the product into two sizes, whether cleaned or not (not necessary to be cleaned) and to set the broken grains out. It is installed under the colour sorting machine for a final control. There are two standard models: fixed and mobile types.

Cleaning And Grading Machine

It is used to screen and clean dry grain products such as seeds and pulses. There is a vacuum system with strong pulling force on the machine. Separates weak and wrinkled particles in the product by vacuum suction force technique. Vacuuming is repeated 5 times to achieve maximum degree of cleaning. Requested number of sieving containers can be added to the machine. Thanks to this sieve, place under sieve is separated from the small particles. In the three-stroke precision cleaning and screening machine shown in the figure, four different sized products can be obtained. The sieve used in the container is used for both cleaning and separate product according to sizes. This machine can only perform cleaning.

Grading Machine

These are machines where pre-cleaned or products which are not to be cleaned are separated into 2-3-4-5-6-7 different sizes and broken products are separated. It can be used before color separation machine to increase the capacity of the process. Optionally, there are single tubbed, double tubbed or 3-4-5-6 tubbed models with capacities suitable for the product. There are two models in the standard; mobile and stationary.



Three Deck Super Fine Cleaning and Screening Machine is developed fort he Pre Super Fine or Pre Clenaing of unwanted products or impurities from the main Seeds, Grains and Pulses.

Our Machine includes a powerful Vacuum system inside absorbs unwanted light and weak particles from five diferent posiiton during screening. After the Cleaning Step, Machine has three sieves, the small particles separated from the main products through these sieves.

The high standard of cleaning is achieved by a combination of the screening system and the air separation.

There are three Replaceble Sieves according to product choose. After Cleaning Main produst can be classify in three size.


Vibrating Sieve

The classification of products, the separation of the inner and shells, such as pre-qualifying process unit and the product powder is a machine used for the separation of foreign substances. Number of Screens can be adjusted upon request. Pistachio, almond kernel, apricot kernel is used in products such as chickpeas. In electrical vibrators, power can be adjusted according to the condition of the process. In this way, a vibrator with high Newton power can supply the desired small vibration force.

Elevatorsan vibro sieve helps the products to be seperated according to their grain size, eliminate the foreign materials, and help the granule sized objects to enter the process with vibrated sieve technology and different sieve openings.

Vibro sieves are usually machines that has robust construction and maximum screening capability. The sieve that vibrates with vibro engines, helps diversify the products in the preferred way.

- Compact and easy to move.

- Used in seed plants for sampling large lots.

- Populer with vegetable and flower growers and in seed stores for specialized cleanşng, grading,and sizing.

Grain Seperator for Cleaning before Grading

It is a machine used to clean the materials such as powder, rough parts, garbage, straw etc. in agricultural products It is a machine designed for only pre-cleaning. It works fixed on ground.

Air-Recycling Aspirator for Cleaning before Grading

Radial scanner is used to separate foreign materials in a healthy and rapid manner. It is used at the exit of the garbage disposers and the wheat brushes using different entrance types. Having the aspirator and cyclone system on the machine gives great advantages in terms of cost, energy and space.


It is used for separation of broken and long grains in wheat. It is used successfully at seed cleaning stations, flour and semolina plants.

Stone Separator Machine

De stoner Machine or The Stone Separation Machine is used to separate foreign materials that have the same dimensions but different specific weights such as stone, metal, glass, and soil from pulses, cereals, dry grained seeds. It is very effective in all agricultural products, especially in cereals, pulses, sesame, cumin, seeds. Stone Separation Machine cleans the product from light granular foreign matters and dust by high vacuuming level.

Seed Treating Machine

Continuous Liquid applicators used for precision coating and pilling of the crop with insecticides, fungicides, micronutrients and inoculants to the highest quality standards. Integrated modern control systems provide high process flexibility, process security, and process monitoring and documentation. The fully automated operations according to pre-determined formulas, online process data communication, batch, and order documentation as well as formula administration guarantee high-quality production standards when treating a wide range of products.

Working Principle: 

The product is flowing through the inlet buffer bypassing the rotary seed valve and wind aspiration into the applicator machine. With spraying disc, the product will be distributed in a uniform product veil. The Liquid is feed into the applicators by the pump and the liquid feeding system. The liquid is distributed to the product by the rotating Impeller disc. In the secondary mixing unit, the product will be transported and it starts an intensive mixing with the liquid.

Light Grain Seperator Machine

Lightweight grain separator, separates verminous nuts, incompletely developed empty and light granules, foreign matters of the same size as the product but of different weights from the main product and increases the quality and purity of the product. The product that passed cleaning process is passed through light grain separation machine to increase the product quality. The machine makes a distinction and classification according to the specific weight of the material. The seeds that pass through light grain separator machine has a high rate of greening (viability).

Awn Breaking Machine

Awn breaking machine is designed for separation awns out of barley and wheat. It is specifically used for seperating wheat bodies, and many kinds of seeds such as oats, barley and vegetable seeds in order to increase the quality and clean seeds. Depending on the demand, the speed can be changed. It may process at any desired size suitable for the product.