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Inclined Z Type Bucket Elevators

It is a machine needed for vertical or horizontal transportation of all agricultural products especially in the food industry with Seed Pulses and Nuts. It is also used for all powder and granular products in some  Industries. It is especially used for the transportation of highly fragile cereal varieties. Any abrasion or damage that may occur during transportation is minimized. It is manufactured in special capacities according to the size of the place and the product to be transported. It has fixed and mobile models. 

Pendulum Z Type Bucket Elevator

Pendulum elevator has a configuration and working principle that does not harm the product it carries, has a high capacity and can adapt very easily to every area. It features multi-product picking and multi-point product casting and long-lasting low energy costs. It is suitable for any kind of automation systems.

Single Weigh Bagging Machine 25/50 Kg

Packing Machine is used for automatic and precise filling of 2 kg to 50 kg ready bags or sacks. The sacks are put manually to the machine as standard. Automatic feeding system can be done according to the requirement. The main task of the machine is to reduce the work power by making precise and accurate filling of the ready packs. It is manufactured in special capacities according to required dimensions and products to be packed. 

Easy Dump Elevator

Elevatorsan easy dump bucket  Elevators are typical of the innovative nature valued by innovation technology. By taking our proven, reliable design and upgrading its performance,Elevatorsan  has created the new standard for gentle-handling elevators. With these elevators Elevatorsan strives to provide our customers with a high-performance piece of equipment with an economical price. Elevatoran easy dump elevator Works, seed is transferred into the buckets from intake hopper. The buckets moves up the legs until they are pulled around the first set of gears. The buckets tilted gently and seed dispenses into the discharge hopper. From this hopper the seed feeds through a pipe to your allocated point. The buckets continue in this cycle and provide a continuous, smooth flow of seed with a near zero damage. 

  • "Duck" Model

When with height restrictions and flow pipe limitations are challenge the “Duck” Series Easy Dump Elevator can be used. Feeding and discharging on the same side allows you to achieve spouting configurations that are near impossible by regular elevators.

  • "Double" Model

For lifting two different products in limited spaces the “Double” Series Easy Dump elevator can be used. Without contamination you can elevate two different product types. The “Double” to act as two elevators by two separate product in-takes, bucket lanes and discharge spouts.

Features & Options of  Easy Dump Elevator

  1. Gentle discharge of product and High capacity units
  2. Nuts and Bolted legs and Boot clean-out doors
  3. Chain and bucket design and Instant Boot cleaning
  4. Service platforms & ladder available and Easy Operation
  5. Stainless steel contacts available
  6. Gear reducer with backstop Shaft-mounted
  7. Shaft-mounted gear reducer with backstop
  8. Rest and service platforms available
  9. Manual and pneumatic switch valve options

Grading Machine

These are machines where pre-cleaned or products which are not to be cleaned are separated into 2-3-4-5-6-7 different sizes and broken products are separated. It can be used before color separation machine to increase the capacity of the process. Optionally, there are single tubbed, double tubbed or 3-4-5-6 tubbed models with capacities suitable for the product. There are two models in the standard; mobile and stationary.

Inspection Belt Conveyor

Selection band conveyors are generally used as collecting and feeding tables in production lines. Functions such as spooling, product selection, stacking of products, and stocking can be performed. They can be operated with infinite, left-right, indexing methods. They are often needed in food, medicine, packaging, water and soft drinks, logistic sectors. Precise product selection can be made with optional lighting system. According to the sector and the product to be transported, stainless steel, AISI 3014 and DKP sheet iron plates can me manufactured.



Small belt conveyors with a width of up to 1000mm are often equipped with base frame ST 37. The H-shaped base frame with vertical aluminium profiles is a stable foundation for many applications and is very low in weight.

  • Large height adjustment range
  • Tilt adjustment range of the base frame between 0° and 60°

Belt Conveyors with negative angle

Elevatorsan-Tech angled Belt Conveyors are a perfect solution where transported goods must be discharged from very low machine shafts and then transported upwards. They are often used for packaging machines or e.g. plastic injection moulding machines or blow forming machines where they serve as discharge conveyors. The conveying angle is fixed (30°, 45° or 60°). The maximum belt width is 500mm. Depending on the particular task, numerous different belts, drive units and base frame types are available.

Light Grain Seperator Machine

Lightweight grain separator, separates verminous nuts, incompletely developed empty and light granules, foreign matters of the same size as the product but of different weights from the main product and increases the quality and purity of the product. The product that passed cleaning process is passed through light grain separation machine to increase the product quality. The machine makes a distinction and classification according to the specific weight of the material. The seeds that pass through light grain separator machine has a high rate of greening (viability).