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Auto weghing Scale and Bagging System

Our improved automatic weighing and bagging scale performs the weighing and sacking of all kinds of Food Industrial Powder and Granular products at precisely desired weights as Otomaitk. It ensures that the products processed in the facilities are automatically weighed and bagged with loadcell system at desired weights between 5-50 kg.

Our machine, which can be controlled via the PLC display, weighs and fills the sack at exactly the desired weight with a very low error rate thanks to its sensitive sensors. It allows you to bagg your products at high capacity with automatic and manual mode features. Instant weighing via screen and completed sack filling process can be tracked.

Our machine is fitted with a High-capacity Upper feed bunker, Loadcell Precision Weighing Scale, Automatic sack holding and filling mechanism, Height adjustable Lower Sack Carrying Conveyor, Optional Automatic or Manual Sack mouth stitching it features a fully automated control board with PLC screen and a Platform with large balcony with stairs.

Depending on the Product to be processed or The Demand, completely food-appropriate stainless or only Product Contact surfaces can be produced as stainless and Fully Static Furnace Painted.

Single Weigh Bagging Machine 25/50 Kg

Packing Machine is used for automatic and precise filling of 2 kg to 50 kg ready bags or sacks. The sacks are put manually to the machine as standard. Automatic feeding system can be done according to the requirement. The main task of the machine is to reduce the work power by making precise and accurate filling of the ready packs. It is manufactured in special capacities according to required dimensions and products to be packed.