Elevatorsan®, registered trademark of SRD Machine Agriculture Ind. Trd. Ltd. Com. Seed Pulses Processing and Improvement Machines, Transport and Storage Systems. In order to provide safe and healthy work environments by avoiding Occupational Health and Safety at the highest level and to prevent possible accidents and to establish a conscious working team on Occupational Health and Safety,


1. Provide a safer and healthy working environment for our employees, our most valuable asset,

2. Follow and comply with the applicable laws, statutes and regulations in relation to Occupational Health and Safety,

3. Ensuring that all employees are informed and participated in Occupational Health and Safety issues,

4. In order to secure workers in Occupational Health and Safety issues; Continuous improvement in all measures,

5. Considering Worker Health and Safety as a top priority in all our activities,

6. Commitment to be one of the key elements to reduce the risk of Occupational Health and Safety in our company with new technologies and effective resource utilization and to constantly improve the system and to achieve the goals of the company by improving and developing.

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